Work Report
Bolstering the growth of the IT sector
Hong Kong's potential to develop IT and innovation should not be undermined by reliance on traditional pillar industries. Throughout my four years in LegCo, I have re- lentlessly pushed for more concrete policies to stimulate market demand and investment in technology.
Smarter Hong Kong
Since 2012, I have been calling for actualising Smart City vision to improve the livelihood of Hong Kong citizens and the well being of the society at large. I have pushed the government for more cross-departmental coordination and an open, citizen-centric approach.
Creating better prospects for IT workers
Lack of clear career prospect is one of the biggest reason behind the brain drain in the sector. The government relies heavily on temporary contract IT staff and IT qualification is not properly certified. IT professionals deserve to be recognised for our contribution and this has been my mission in the Council.
Better education for better future
An urgent reform on the local STEM education is a key to overcome talent shortage in the IT sector. I have called for putting coding into the curriculum of all students and more support and resources to schools and teachers, and assisting those from disadvantaged backgrounds to close the digital divide.
Fostering data economy and innovation
Data has become a valuable resource economically and socially, yet open data in Hong Kong is still lagging far behind many places. FinTech and sharing economy are taking off, exposing how entrenched regulations are out of touch with change. I adamantly advocated for reviewing laws and more open data, and have created the public attention and catalysed policy changes.
Striving for fairness and openness in telecom & Broadcasting policies
In the HKTV incident, many Hongkongers were dismayed by the opaque and unjust way our government has manipulated the free TV licence application. Telecom and broadcasting industries are growing exponentially in the digital age and I strive for real choices, opening up market competition to create opportunities.
In the past four years, Hong Kong has gone through a period of challenge, yet we are also on the cusp of entering a phase of action to support growth and keep up with our competitors, and thereby improve our lives through technology and innovation. Startups are emerging with passionate young people joining the ranks of IT every year.

Throughout almost two decades in IT and public service in Hong Kong, I always believe in the power of action and creating changes, and seek to channel the professionalism and spirit of a software engineer and entrepreneur into my work to strive for a better Hong Kong. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve our IT sector and citizens as a legislative councillor. More