Hong Kong's potential to develop IT and innovation should not be undermined by reliance on traditional pillar industries. Throughout my four years in LegCo, I have relentlessly pushed for more concrete policies to stimulate market demand and investment in technology.
We need better coordination between government departments to promote technology; Changing risk-averse and process-driven mindsets are crucial.
Advocating IT policies and KPIs
  • Pushed for the establishment of a dedicated policy bureau to formulate policies conducive to IT development.
  • Actively proposed recommendations and demanded ITB to deliver concrete policy support and better monitoring by setting KPIs.
Boosting investment in Startups
  • Urged the government since 2012 to re-launch a matching fund to increase investment in startups. This year, my pursuit was realised and the government also created new funds to help startups in the HKSTP and Cyberport.
Stimulating R&D growth
  • R&D accounts for less than 1% in our GDP which is why I have been calling for more measures to boost the local R&D. A number of subsidies were announced this year to help SMEs and institutes to take up research projects.
Fought for Technology Voucher
  • Successfully lobbied government to provide subsidies to local SMEs for purchasing IT solutions: $2b Technology Voucher pilot scheme announced in 2016 and ReTAAS for retail sector in 2014.
Opposing Science Park land rezoned for residential use
  • Rallied against the TPB decision for rezoning part of the lands planned for Science Park expansion into residential use and organised a signature campaign to protest.
Urging for “Buy local” in government procurement
  • SMEs and startups face high entry barrier in competing for government IT contracts due to government procurement policy.
  • I have repeatedly voiced IT industry views for changes in the SOA-QPS mechanism, and more supports to local IT companies in competing government tenders.
Pushing for transparency in .hk price surge
  • HKIRC has raised the charge on ‘.hk' domain name service in late 2015. I have urged the organisation to review its pricing mechanism regularly and consult with the users.

Credit: www.learningVideo.com