In the HKTV incident, many Hongkongers were dismayed by the opaque and unjust way our government has manipulated the free TV licence application. Telecom and broadcasting industries are growing exponentially in the digital age and I strive for real choices, opening up market competition to create opportunities.
Telecom and broadcasting policies must be modernised to serve public interest to ensure fairness and free from political intervention.
Liberalising the broadcasting market
  • Moved a motion to use the LegCo Power & Privilege Ordinance to disclose HKTV license application and urge for independent investigation.
  • Strived to repeal the authority of CE-in-Exco to approve TV and radio broadcast licences applications.
Fostering growth of the telecom sector
  • Successfully lobbied for optic fibres to be installed in the Cross Bay Link in TKO.
  • Strived for more lands for data centre development in TKO.
Supporting for public broadcast
  • Closely monitored the handover arrangement upon ATV ceased to broadcast.
  • Called for more support to RTHK and pushed for expediting new broadcasting building project for RTHK.
Concerning the internet connection in rural areas
  • Urged the government to improve the Internet connection in rural areas and contacted the Telecom companies to follow up on the issue.