Lack of clear career prospect is one of the biggest reason behind the brain drain in the sector. The government relies heavily on temporary contract IT staff and IT qualification is not properly certified. IT professionals deserve to be recognised for our contribution and this has been my mission in the Council.
We must meet the challenge to nurture and retain more IT talents, and attract more young people to join the industry.
Less T-Contract IT Staff
  • Repeatedly requested for turning government T-contract IT staff to civil service positions.
  • Helped T-contract IT staff in Hospital Authority to lobby for a more reasonable work arrangement.
Tackling talent shortage
  • Supported and worked to formulate professional certification system for IT professionals, and called for more learning subsidies for IT skills that are in great demand.
Better recognition of IT professionals
  • I have conducted two surveys on IT manpower condition in 2015 and 2016, and 2 seminars to garner policy ideas to the government on alleviating IT talent crunch.
Expanding IT voter eligibility
  • Made submissions on expanding voter eligibility in the IT functional constituency for better representation.
  • From 2013, I have urged the government to include more IT professional associations on the eligible list.