Edward Snowden sneaked to Hong Kong in 2014 after he revealed US government's mass surveillance programme which is a wake up call to Hongkongers that our freedom outside the Great Firewall must be protected at all costs. The government continues to abuse outdated computer crime law to hamper online speech while massive online attacks go unthwarted. I have been vocal in supporting internet freedom in the LegCo to keep internet free, open and safe.
Citizens rely on the Internet for civic engagement, the fight for internet freedom is the frontier of safeguarding democracy and free speech.
Preventing the abuse of outdated computer law
  • Raised motions and questioned the Department of Justice on reviewing the s161 to protect free speech.
  • The government finally agreed on reviewing the law this year.
Fighting for online freedom of expression
  • Cooperated actively with civil groups during the copyright consultation to fight for an open-ended exemption.
  • Submitted an amendment together with Hon Kenneth Leung and Hon Dennis Kwok for a non-commercial dealing provision to the Copyright Bill.
  • Urging for online personal views not to be counted as electoral advertisements to protect freedom of speech.
Defending for an open and safe Internet
  • Questioned the government on the IT security measures and urged for more resources to train IT security personnels.
Protecting personal privacy
  • Urged the government to disclose request and removal of information to ISPs, and pushed for the release of transparency report.
  • Followed up closely on the privacy issues arose from the new generation ID card and the body worn video cameras used by Police.
  • Demanded regulations on person-to-person telemarketing calls and submitted policy proposal.