16 Seminars / Talks
8 iTea gatherings
Frequent exchanges with the industry for policy ideas
  • (Jan 2013) Organised a ICT Policy Action Committee and regularly met with the industry to exchange views.
  • (Jan 2016) Set up four working groups to formulate policy proposals on four areas: FinTech, Smart City, IT Manpower & Education, SMEs & IT Procurement.
  • (2014 - 2016) Regularly hosted iTea Gathering in different districts to maintain a close exchange with the industry.
Hosting seminars to connect the industry
  • (May 2015) Co-hosted a seminar on FinTech with Hon Kenneth Leung, which attracted close to 200 participants.
  • (Oct 2015) Hosted two seminars on IT manpower shortage.
  • (May 2016) Held a seminar to discuss the challenges startups face in getting seed funding.