We can only monitor the government effectively so long as there is free flow of information. The public data management and policies on disclosing information in Hong Kong remains far behind international transparency standards, which is why I strongly advocate for a law to open government information to assert sufficient checks and balances.
Freedom of information is a crucial tool to ensure citizens' right to know, without which government abuse of power or scandals will go unnoticed.
Pushing for better data disclosure
  • Forced the government to reveal rejected requests based on the Code on Access to Information.
  • Pushing for enactment of Archive Law and Freedom of Information Law to ensure proper management and disclosure of government records.
Fighting for right in newsgathering of online media
  • Questioned the government for refusing online media to cover government activities.
  • Joined forces with online news media to urge the government to lift the ban and review its outdated policy to protect press freedom.
Opposing to limiting the access to the registries
  • Opposed to the take-down of the Do No Evil app as the use of public data should not be unreasonably restricted.
  • Urging for a review of restrictions over the use of public information in privacy law and repeal the paywall for public registries.

Image by flickr user daviegee (CC BY-SA)