Data has become a valuable resource economically and socially, yet open data in Hong Kong is still lagging far behind many places. FinTech and sharing economy are taking off, exposing how entrenched regulations are out of touch with change. I adamantly advocated for reviewing laws and more open data, and have created the public attention and catalysed policy changes.
Better policy coordination, more technology-friendly laws and releasing data in a truly open manner - are three changes needed to unleash innovation in our society and businesses.
Promoting Open Data
  • Called for open-by-default approach for public data and the government to adopt machine-readable format to make reuse easier.
  • Successfully lobbied for the release of Budget data through digital format from 2015 onwards to facilitate understanding of government expenses.
Reforming regulations
  • Arranged meeting with Transport and Housing Bureau on ride-hailing app and secured commitment to review hired car permit vetting regime.
  • Organised meeting between Home Affairs Department and short-term housing rental platform on guesthouse regulation and sharing economy.
Supporting FinTech innovation
  • Vocal on modernising laws to support FinTech growth, participated in e-payment systems bills committee and channelled views of startups to HKMA.
  • Formed a working group with experts and submitted views in response to government steering group on P2P lending, equity crowdfunding etc.