An urgent reform on the local STEM education is a key to overcome talent shortage in the IT sector. I have called for putting coding into the curriculum of all students and more support and resources to schools and teachers, and assisting those from disadvantaged backgrounds to close the digital divide.
The best thing we can pass to our children is the opportunity for them to learn IT and create their future.
Improving IT infrastructure in schools
  • Successfully pushed the government to subsidise schools to install Wi-Fi infrastructures beginning from 2014 and helped expedite implementation from 5 years to 3 years.
Improving IT education in secondary schools
  • Published research on ICT education and urged for updating curriculum in secondary and primary school.
  • Called for expansion of the Enriched IT programme to benefit more secondary schools.
Accessing internet for the disadvantaged
  • Advocated better computer and Internet access for children to facilitate their growth.
  • Monitored the implementation of the Internet Learning Support Programme and arranged parents from grassroot families to meet with officials to voice their concerns.
Reforming STEM education
  • Proposed to include more coding and computer science into basic education, which led the government consultation in 2015 on STEM education to include coding skills for students.
  • Successfully pushed the government to subsidise primary schools to develop STEM education in year 2015/16.