The past four years have been an uphill battle to protect the rule of law and fight for integrity. Political pressure coming from those in power has eroded the foundation of Hong Kong's success. We need every voice to speak loud and clear against injustice, against corruption and limitation of civil rights.
There is nothing more troubling when the rule of law is replaced with “rule by people”. Hong Kong must protect the rule of law at all costs to rein in government power.
Protecting online privacy
  • Pushed for extending the protection under ICSO to cover online instant communications
  • Supported to establish code of practice for law enforcement agencies to increase transparency when they make requests to ISPs for user data.
Defending press freedom
  • Moved and passed the “Safeguarding Freedom of Information, of the Press and of the Internet” motion to heighten the awareness on freedom of speech.
Fighting for genuine universal suffrage
  • In pursuit of true democracy and a fair election system, I vetoed the ‘fake election proposal'.
  • Assisted the HKU's PopVote system to defend against cyberattacks which the scale was unprecedented.
Impeachment on CY Leung
  • Jointly moved impeachment motion with pan-democratic members, to oppose CY Leung's political maneuver eroding institution and rule of law, causing increasing rift which has undermined Hong Kong.