Since 2012, I have been calling for actualising Smart City vision to improve the livelihood of Hong Kong citizens and the well being of the society at large. I have pushed the government for more cross-departmental coordination and an open, citizen-centric approach.
Smart City isn't only about technology. Whether we can see success depends on whether the government can bring together different stakeholders to release the data and tools for innovation to boom.
Expanding free Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Pushing for expansion of free Wi-Fi coverage and to improve service quality.
  • This year, the government announced free Wi-Fi hotspots to double to 34,000 and will adopt a public-private partnership model for implementation.
Adopting IT for better transport management
  • Urged the government to require public transport companies to release real time traffic data for public use.
  • Pushed for smart transport development, including smart metering.

Image by flickr user hansjohnson (CC BY-SA)

Promoting Smart City development
  • Introduced a vision blueprint on Smart City in 2014 with IT sector, preluding subsequent government pledge to research, pilot and consult the public.
  • Proposed for trials in new development areas and arranged visit to Kowloon East.
More connected medical records
  • As the Chairman of the Bill Committee of the Electronic Health Record Sharing System, I have scrutinised security and privacy concerns and collaborated with relevant parties throughout the 22 meetings.

Image by flickr user daxis (CC BY-SA)